Vol: 3 Issue: 3 (Oct - Dec 2018)

Editorial: If tumor changes the tune, we change the music
Divyesh G. Mehta and Radhika A. Vaishnav
3(3) Pages 67-68

Original Article: Role of epidermal growth factor receptor in breast cancer: An analysis of biomolecular receptor study and its clinicopathological correlation
Jeetendar Paryani
3(3) Pages 69-72

Original Article: Suitability of Papanicolaou stain for micronuclei mass screening in buccal smears comparing reference feulgen stain and papanicolaou stain in field
Suresh Amin, Nilam Patel and Bharat Chattoo
3(3) Pages 73-77

Review Article: Chronomodulation of cyclin-dependent kinases 4/6 inhibitor may reduce hematological toxicities? A review of literature
Mukul Arvind Gharote
3(3) Pages 78-84

Consensus Statement: What do you think are the biggest hurdles in personalized medicine in India?
Siddharth Srivastava
3(3) Pages 85-85

Brief Commentary: Molecular triage of lung cancer for targeted therapy
Tanushree Mukherjee
3(3) Pages 86-86