Vol: 1 Issue: 1 (Oct - Dec 2016)

Editorial: Changing face of genomics in cancer medicine: Which “avatar” to treat?
Radhika A. Vaishnav
1(1) Pages 1-1

Review Article: Pharmacogenetics in oncology: Where we stand today?
Padmaj S. Kulkarni
1(1) Pages 2-6

Review Article: Genomic assays in breast cancer: Issues yet to settle?
Maheboob M. Basade and Vishwapriya M. Godkhindi
1(1) Pages 7-9

Review Article: Breast cancer: Role of pharmacogenetics in tamoxifen therapy
Smriti Mishra and Manish Manish
1(1) Pages 10-23

Review Article: Using human medical waste to build biobanks
Jugnu Jain, Sreevatsa Natarajan and Soma Chatterjee
1(1) Pages 24-27

Original Article: The clinical utility of a custom-developed targeted next-generation sequencing assay for detection of mutations associated with Philadelphia-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms: Two case examples with CALR exon 9 mutations
Vijay Ramanan, Ketki Kelkar, Shatakshi Ranade, Priyanka Gangodkar, Nikhita Gogate, Kunal Patil, Trupti Ragte-Wathare, Meenal Agarwal and Nikhil A. Phadke
1(1) Pages 28-34

Original Article: A molecular approach to Glioblastoma Multiforme
Amit Verma, Swetha Gunasekar, Vineeta Goel, Randeep Singh, Ramandeep Singh Arora, Nitesh Rohatgi, A. K. Anand and Meenu Walia
1(1) Pages 35-44

Case Report: Liquid biopsy in periampullary carcinoma
A. A. Ranade
1(1) Pages 45-47

Letter to Editor: MicroRNA-based biomarkers for oral cancer
Manigreeva Krishnatreya
1(1) Pages 48-48