Vol: 4 Issue: 1 (Jan - Apr 2019)

Editorial: Nanobyte - Perspectives and milestones in molecular biology and immuno-oncology
Radhika A. Vaishnav
4(1) Pages 1-2

Conference Review: Leadership in immuno-oncology network 2 (LION:2) immunotherapy oncology - A present status
Prashant Mehta, Vineet Talwar and and and and Ankur Bahl
4(1) Pages 3-5

Original Article: Special considerations for consent in immuno-oncology - Medic LAWgic recommendations
Purvish M.Parikh, Karishma Jhaveri, Ankur Bahl, Vineet Talwar, Pritish Gandhi, Randeep Singh, Sudeep Shreshta and and and and TP Sahoo
4(1) Pages 6-8

Original Article: Oral cancers-Micronuclei as biomarker of genotoxicity a population-based study to establish usable dynamic cut off limits in tobacco users
Suresh Amin, Nilam Patel and and and and Bharat Chattoo
4(1) Pages 9-12

Original Article: Multiple gene silencing in STAT pathway in K562 cells
Vinod Rajendran and and and and Sudha S. Deo
4(1) Pages 13-20

Position Paper: Practical consensus recommendations-Current role of immune response evaluation criteria in solid tumorscriteria in the management of cancer patients receiving immunotherapy
Purvish M.Parikh, T.P.Sahoo, Randeep Singh, Bahl Ankur, Talvar Vineet, G.S.Bhattacharyya, Babu Govind and and and and Mehta Prashant
4(1) Pages 21-23

Case Report: An unusual synchronous association of chronic myeloid leukemia with carcinoma tongue
Sajal Goel, Deepak Kumar Mittal and and and and Pankaj Sharma
4(1) Pages 24-26

Letter to Editor: Artificial intelligence: A new era of technological advancement in oncology care
Padmaj S. Kulkarni, Shruti S. Gandhi, Sachin S. Hingmire and and and and Chetan D. Deshmukh
4(1) Pages 27-28