Case Report: Response to afatinib, after gefitinib and erlotinib, in a patient with advanced adenocarcinoma of lung with brain metastasis: A case report
Prashant Mehta, Pranjit Santonu Bhajoni and and and and Swati Pabbi Mehta
2(1) Pages 22-24

Original Article: Tumor necrosis factor: An inflammatory microenvironment marker in primary breast cancer patients
Karuvaje Thriveni, Anisha Raju, Girija Ramaswamy, S. Krishnamurthy and and and and Rekha V. Kumar
3(1) Pages 24-27

Review Article: Using human medical waste to build biobanks
Jugnu Jain, Sreevatsa Natarajan and and and and Soma Chatterjee
1(1) Pages 24-27

Case Report: An unusual synchronous association of chronic myeloid leukemia with carcinoma tongue
Sajal Goel, Deepak Kumar Mittal and and and and Pankaj Sharma
4(1) Pages 24-26

Letter to Editor: Putting viruses to work in CAR therapies
Divyesh G. Mehta
2(1) Pages 25-26

Letter to Editor: Clinical genetics and India
Krati Shah
2(1) Pages 27-28

Letter to Editor: Artificial intelligence: A new era of technological advancement in oncology care
Padmaj S. Kulkarni, Shruti S. Gandhi, Sachin S. Hingmire and and and and Chetan D. Deshmukh
4(1) Pages 27-28

Original Article: Clinical utility of immunohistochemistry using the novel anti-BRAF V600E antibody (clone RM8) for detection of the BRAF V600E mutant protein in papillary thyroid cancers
Arvind Krishnamurthy, Vijayalakshmi Ramshankar, Kanchan Murhekar, Vidyarani Shyamsundar, Pavithra B. Desai and and and and Purvish Parikh
3(1) Pages 28-33

Original Article: The clinical utility of a custom-developed targeted next-generation sequencing assay for detection of mutations associated with Philadelphia-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms: Two case examples with CALR exon 9 mutations
Vijay Ramanan, Ketki Kelkar, Shatakshi Ranade, Priyanka Gangodkar, Nikhita Gogate, Kunal Patil, Trupti Ragte-Wathare, Meenal Agarwal and and and and Nikhil A. Phadke
1(1) Pages 28-34

Editorial: Nanobytes
Radhika A. Vaishnav
2(2) Pages 29-29

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