Original Article: Oral cancers-Micronuclei as biomarker of genotoxicity a population-based study to establish usable dynamic cut off limits in tobacco users
Suresh AminNilam Patel and Bharat Chattoo
4(1) Pages 9-12

Review Article: Breast cancer: Role of pharmacogenetics in tamoxifen therapy
Smriti Mishra and Manish Manish
1(1) Pages 10-23

Original Article: Clinical profile and role of VEGF-c polymorphism in prognosis and management of breast cancer
Amulya Singh, Gulab Dhar Yadav, Anand Narayan SinghShashwat Tiwari and Vimal Choubey
2(1) Pages 11-14

Review Article: Gut microbiota and its role in cancer patients
Ankita Purkite
3(1) Pages 12-14

Original Article: Multiple gene silencing in STAT pathway in K562 cells
Vinod Rajendran and Sudha S. Deo
4(1) Pages 13-20

Review Article: Precision medicine in oncology – On a journey from dreams to reality
Alpa Nimesh Patel and Mit Shah
3(1) Pages 15-19

Original Article: Audit of histomorphology and immunohistochemistry of the brain tumors: Revisited in context to the WHO 2016 molecular classification
Tanushri MukherjeeRajat Dutta and Joydeep Ghosh
2(1) Pages 15-19

Review Article: Unforeseen consequences of cancer immunotherapy
Radhika VaishnavWakas Arslan and Divyesh G. Mehta
3(1) Pages 20-23

Case Report: Primary adenoid cystic carcinoma of the liver: A case report
Padmaj S. Kulkarni, Girish Phadke, Mahesh M. MandolkarSujit Nilegaonkar and Sonali Deshmukh
2(1) Pages 20-21

Position Paper: Practical consensus recommendations-Current role of immune response evaluation criteria in solid tumorscriteria in the management of cancer patients receiving immunotherapy
Purvish M.Parikh, T.P.Sahoo, Randeep Singh, Bahl Ankur, Talvar Vineet, G.S.BhattacharyyaBabu Govind and Mehta Prashant
4(1) Pages 21-23

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